Refunds due to members & sponsors for Italy and French International games plus Saracens v Leinster:

As advised previously on our Club Website and on Facebook/Twitter the Leinster Branch have now refunded all clubs the face value of the tickets sold for above games.

All purchasers are therefore now entitled to repayment of amounts paid (less the small administration fee). However before I commence repaying funds to each purchaser I have been advised by a number of members that as they regard this as “spent money” and have volunteered to donate the amount due to the clubs “Go Fund Me” appeal.

As you will be aware as a result of the current Covid 19 situation our club is significantly down on income on all fronts. Out annual Golf Classic which raises circa E12/15k each year has had to be cancelled. Likewise the income that we raise from Corporate sponsors through ticketing arrangements is also down approx. E30k. The majority of our overheads like Water charges, Electricity, Diesel etc still have to be paid each month. 

If you are in a situation to donate some or all of your refund due to our “Go Fund Me” it would be very much appreciated. No pressure on this its just an opportunity to help out our club if you circumstances permit.

If you have a Revolut card confirm your mobile number so as I can process the transaction by that method. If otherwise, please advise me of you full IBAN details plus the name on your bank account to enable me to effect refund.

Thanks for your patience on these refunds but we have only received monies from LB recently.

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