Update regarding the Autumn International tickets

Good afternoon members,
Please see message below from the club’s fixtures secretary Gerry Gilligan.
Please make sure to read the message fully and follow the instructions when applying for tickets.
The games involved are against Japan (Saturday 6th Nov. KO 1.00pm), New Zealand ( Saturday 13th KO 3.15pm) and Argentina (Sunday 21st Nov KO 2.15pm).

A government update on the further easing of COVID 19 restrictions is expected on 22nd October.  If increased capacity is allowed following the lifting of further restrictions by government at that time, we will look to move to that allowable maximum and will issue an update at that time.

As a key IRFU stakeholder Leinster will receive 70% of our usual allocation.  Due to the short turnaround for these games, it is not possible to distribute the tickets in the normal way and therefore the IRFU has agreed an alternative distribution method for these games which is detailed below.

The Clubs must take responsibility to ensure that contact details are available for all tickets issued to assist the HSE in any contact tracing that may be required.  IRFU also hereby give full assurance that information collated will only be issued for the processing of ticket orders and for contact tracing if required and will not be reviewed for where tickets have gone. 

Process: All applications must be received by Saturday 9th October

The clubs collate the required information to a spreadsheet for each ticket – across the three games – they want to issue.  There is no requirement to purchase the same tickets for each of the three fixtures and there are no family or 2/3 match packs available.

SO ADVISE ME ASAP OF FOLLOWING: only at crfctickets@yahoo.com

First Name / Last Name / Email Address / Ticket Price / Game / Quantity of tickets requested / Confirmation that Annual Sub paid up to date. 

The Pricing is as follows:

Seat Type                  Japan       New Zealand           Argentina

Prem Level             100.00                  165.00                 125.00

Cat 1 Stand               80.00                  125.00                   85.00

Cat 2 Stand               70.00                  115.00                    75.00

Cat 3 Stand               65.00                  110.00                   70.00

Cat 4 Stand               60.00                 105.00                   65.00

Restricted view

Prem & Cat 1            40.00                  62.50                    42.50

Cat 2                          35.00                   57.50                    37.50

Cat 3                          32.50                   55.00                    35.00

Cat 4                         30.00                   52.50                     32.50

School Boy/Girl     10.00                   25.00                     15.00


THERE IS NO GUARANTEE YOU WILL RECEIVE SOME OR ALL OF YOUR ORDER. If tickets are over subscribed (especially for NZ Game) they may be allocated on a pro rata basis. 


Tickets will be issued by Ticketmaster who will set up accounts for stakeholders. They may not be in your preferred location or price range. Successful applicants will be emailed by Ticketmaster on 21st October ( if no mail received check your Spam box). Instructions on payment of cost, access to tickets plus Admin Fee etc. will be advised by Ticketmaster.

CRFC will have no access or involvement in the process once we submit the application so ensure your correct email address is advised to me. 
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