About the Club

Clondalkin Rugby Football Club is a rugby union club based in Clondalkin, Dublin and founded in 1973. Since 2022, the club grounds are located in Kingswood Farm, Baldonnell, Dublin 22, D22 Y9H9. 

Clondalkin has three senior men’s teams, a senior women’s team, an inclusive rugby section, toddler group and a thriving youth and mini section featuring players from the ages of 5 up to 18 – boys and girls. Clon has had a successful minis section for a number of years, and this continues to be the case. For the first time ever, we can cater from U4s up to U12s. We run ‘girls only’ blitzes for U10s and U12s and this is an area we continue to build on.

The senior men’s first team compete in Leinster League (J1) Division 2A, the third division in Leinster junior rugby while the senior women’s team compete in Division 2.

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Clondalkin Rugby Football Club


Clon, CRFC




Kingswood Farm, Baldonnell

Clondalkin’s first game was against Old Kilcullen RFC and the outing confirmed that the potential existed for a rugby club in Clondalkin and the surrounding areas, so the club was formed and affiliated to the Leinster Branch. Gradually, the club began to expand, the number of teams grew, and a junior section was established.

To cater for this expansion, in 1977 the club purchased grounds in Kingswood Cross. This was thanks to the hard work and dedication of our committee, members, and the invaluable support of local businesses and the community. Instrumental in the move was a local bank manager and club member, Paddy Gordon, after whom the grounds were named.

Fast forward to today and we have earned a great reputation for being a progressive, family-oriented club as well as being one of Leinster’s fastest growing. We are known across the country as ‘Clon’ or ‘CRFC’, and club colours are blue and yellow.

In 2021, the club embarked on an ambitious project which saw the grounds at Gordon Park sold and a site nearby purchased. The new grounds at Kingwood Farm in Baldonnel comprises of a 26-acre site making us the largest rugby club in Leinster. The club played its last games in Gordon Park in the summer of 2022 and the first competitive games at the new site were played in October 2022.

Many current and former senior players now help to coach the youth and mini teams, developing the Clon stars of the future. Current Leinster star, James Lowe is a friend of, and regular visitor to, the club and gives tremendous encouragement to the club’s young players. In recent years we have embraced digital media and our website and various social media platforms are a hub for all club communications attracting 1000s of page views per week. Our vibrant online community boasts over 8000 active members and our engagement levels are regularly second only to Leinster Rugby.

Since 2020, Clondalkin have been running an Inclusive Tag Rugby programme. Tag rugby is a game that can be played by people of all ages, sexes and abilities, in a competitive and friendly fashion, without any contact involved. Our aim is to provide children with learning and physical disabilities an opportunity to learn and play tag rugby in a safe, enjoyable and exciting environment and to build social skills and boost confidence.
The programme is designed to integrate as many players as possible, in a safe and practicable manner as members of existing rugby clubs. The benefits are improved physical well-being and mobility but also improving self-esteem and breaking down social barriers by encouraging participants to work as a team or in small groups and ultimately, making everyone feel valued. This initiative is delivered by our generous volunteers with the vast majority being our youth players.


Chairperson – Gerry Gilligan
Hon. Secretary – Una Maguire
President – Philip Byrne
Vice president – Gerry Gilligan
Past President – Kevin Cullen
Treasurer – Pat Cagney
Development Chair – Eamonn Stapleton
Commercial Chair – Adrian Noone
Fixtures Secretary – Terry Woodhead
Public Relations Officer – Vincent Quinn
Tickets Secretary – Tom Carter
Club Welfare Officer- Gareth Steed
Director of Rugby- Derek Murtagh
Youth Coordinator- Gareth Steed
Club Captain – Mikey Russell
Executive Officer – Frank Lynam
Executive Officer – Tom Duffy
Grounds Chair – Kevin Laide
Executive Officer – Caroline Conway

Non-Executive Roles:
Football Committee Chair – John Murphy
North Midlands Representative – Tom Duffy
North Midlands Representative – Fiona Tighe
North Midland Youth Representative – Nicky McCann

Past Presidents

1973-74 E.P. Whelan

1974-75 E.P. Whelan

1975-76 B O’Neill

1976-77 L. Dowling

1977-78 E.P. Gordon

1978-79 E.P. Gordon

1979-80 E.P. Whelan

1980-81 J.A. McDermott

1981-82 R.A. Booth

1982-83 J. Sexton

1983-84 G.A. Gilligan

1984-85 C.F. McGlinn

1985-86 E.P. Whelan

1986-87 J. Sexton

1987-88 B. Bracken

1988-89 C. Stapleton

1989-90 T. O’Connor

1990-91 K. Laide

1991-92 M. Lloyd

1992-93 P.Cagney

1993-94 R.J. McCann

1994-95 D. Cooper

1995-96 T. Woodhead

1996-97 A. Delamare

1997-98 B.J. Hayes

1998-99 W.J Jebb 

1999-00 E.P. Noble 

2000-01 K. Phelan 

2001-02 C.C. Collins 

2002-03 T. Woodhead 

2003-04 J.S. Stapleton

2004-05 M.E. O’Brien

2005-06 A. Delamare

2006-07 C.F. McGlinn

2007-08 F. Purcell

2008-09 W.J. Jebb

2009-10 T. Woodhead

2010-11 J.S. Stapleton

2011-12 A.J Bracken

2012-13 A.J Bracken

2013-14: T. Duffy

2014-15: F Lynam

2015-16: W.J. Jebb

Past Captains

1973-74 J. Irvine

1974-75 J. Irvine

1975-76 P. Kelly

1976-77 T. Connolly

1977-78 N. Butler

1978-79 G.A. Gilligan

1979-80 F. O’Farrell

1980-81 D. Lyons

1981-82 J. Kennedy

1982-83 B. Coady

1983-84 N. Butler

1984-85 A. Delamere

1985-86 J. Keane

1986-87 J.A. Kelly

1987-88 G. Mahon

1988-89 E. Stapleton

1989-90 R. Hayes

1990-91 T. McCarthy

1991-92 K. Looney

1992-93 A. Owens

1993-94 K. O’Brien

1994-95 R. Hayes

1995-96 E. Stapleton

1996-97 O. Smith

1997-98 P.H. Sexton

1998-99 C.C. Collins

1999-00 E. Stapleton

2000-01 R. Hayes

2001-02 B. Ward

2002-03 M. Molloy

2003-04 J. Gallagher

2004-05 P. Fitzgerald

2005-06 C. Cullen

2006-07 F. Butler

2007-08 M. Molloy

2008-09 C. Moloney

2009-10 D. Fitzpatrick

2010-11 D. Fitzpatrick

2011-12 K.P. Cullen

2012-13 C. Jebb

2013-14 P. Nolan

2014-15 S. King

2015-16 B. Doyle


Winners 2014 Hosie Cup

Winners 2014 Paul Flood Cup

Winners 2014 Lalor Cup

Winners 2014 Speirs Cup

Winners 2012 Speirs Cup

Winners 2012 Under 19s Osbourne Cup

Winners 2012 Fox Cup

Winners 2011 Speirs Cup

Winners 2011 LBIRFU Ladies Cup

Winners 2010 Speirs Cup

Winners of 2010 Towns Plate

Winners of 2010 Lalor Cup

Winners 2009 Scully Cup

Winners Spencer Cup 2006

2006 Leinster U 18 Champions

2005 lenster U16 Champions

1999 Leinster League Div 4

Winners 1998 J4 League

Winners 1988 Dowling Cup