📢 Construction Industry Resources Request
With our impending new development we are looking to you, our members that have a background in construction.
Nature of Support:
🔵 Members who are prepared to give their time for free.
🟡 Members who can provide a service at a ‘cost’ rate.
🔵 Members who are prepared to give a competitive quote for elements of work.
🟡 Members who can access materials at minimum cost rates.
🔵 The initial phase will be the conversion of the farm building into the dressing rooms.
🟡 It will be over the 4 months of April/May/June/July.
🔵 For safety, insurance and certification reasons, members who contribute should have construction experience.
🟡 We want to spread the load over a manageable number.
🔵 We are not looking to build something cheap, we have resources to manage a quality build.
Contact – Tom Duffy
087 977 7544  |


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