Let’s work together!

We all want what’s best for our club and for all our members, of all ages. The club is growing and has plans to become bigger, better and stronger, but we your need help to make this dream a reality. About 30 people get involved in running the club at present. We need to double that number!

Here’s a list of the type of the jobs that need to be done at the club. It’s not set in stone, and the number of hours isn’t set in stone either – but it gives you an idea of what’s typically involved. In reality, all the current club officials simply contribute as much time as we can!

Some of the jobs are already filled by other members, but don’t let that put you off expressing an interest – some people are doing multiple jobs and would be thrilled with a little help! So, we are asking you for a little dig out to ensure the future success of the club, and in some instances, to safeguard the ongoing safety and enjoyment of our young players.

Please email us at long with your name and mobile and we will get in touch to answer any questions you might have.


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