As most of you will be aware by now of the development plans for the club. To achieve our dates of moving from one ground to another we need to meet some target dates. The first is to submit plans for planning permission. Before we submit the plans, we would like all members to have a say in what the new grounds might look like. There are physical and budget constraints which will dictate the final outcome, however we would like to hear what ideas people have and they will be considered by a committee before a final plan is presented.

You are encouraged to submit your ideas and comments by email to by Monday 31st May.

All ideas, comments and suggestions will be reviewed by the Development Committee who will put forward our proposals our entire membership for a final decision by Tuesday 15th June.

The club are undertaking an ambitious plan to self-manage and for as much as possible a self-build of the proposed development of the new lands.

We would welcome assistance from any members who have skills and experience relating to the planning, operation, financial controlling, health and safety, and compliance.

When the plans are more developed we will be returning to members regarding direct construction opportunities.

If you have resources and would like to assist please follow the link below and complete the form:

Please download the attached Consultation Document for further information and details of how to offer your feedback.


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